Ren in the Glen
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The faire will come alive this year with music, dance, comedy, and feats of combat! Come and be dazzled by acts at our stages including The Bonnie Brae, The Thornberry, The Butternut, The Willow, and the tavern's Lazy Oak Stage.

2020 Ren in the Glen Entertainers

Confirmed entertainers so far for 2020: more announcements to come!

The Court of King George and Queen Grace - Ren in the Glen

The Court of King George and Queen Grace of the House of Windsor

The Pizpor Show - Ren in the Glen

The Pizpor Show Magician in training, no promises, lame comedy.

The Fairyville Faeries - Ren in the Glen

The Fairyville Faeries Meet the Ice Faerie, the Fire Faerie, and the Woodland Faerie.

Bardmageddon - Ren in the Glen

Bardmageddon Traditional folk and Irish music

Mustafa Ali - Ren in the Glen

Mustafa Ali Wandering mystic, musician and teller of tales

Dance Caravan - Ren in the Glen

Dance Caravan Renaissance style belly dance.

Midwest Renaissance Actors Guild - Ren in the Glen

Midwest Renaissance Actors Guild

Brothers Dymm - Ren in the Glen

Brothers Dymm Comedy swordplay duo.

Bess & Marley - Ren in the Glen

Bess & Marley Music and comedy

Archery - Ren in the Glen

Bard the Bowman Archery - shoot the longbow!

Highland Marital Mayhem - Ren in the Glen

Highland Marital Mayhem Married life in the Scottish Highlands brought to life on stage.

The Hounds of Dublin - Ren in the Glen

The Hounds of Dublin Irish music

Fólkvangr Viking encampment - Ren in the Glen

Fólkvangr Viking encampment — heroes, tales, games and combat of the Danes.

General Hardware Border Morris Dancers - Ren in the Glen

General Hardware Border Morris Dancers Folk dancing from the border of England and Wales.

Master Ticktock's Comedy Hypnosis - Ren in the Glen

Master Ticktock's Comedy Hypnosis The Mind Wizard, Master Ticktock, hypnotizing volunteers from the audience and transporting them back in time to the fairytale of merry old England.

Stories by Roisin - Ren in the Glen

Stories by Roisin Celtic fairy tales and folklore.

Gaelically Speaking - Ren in the Glen

Gaelically Speaking Teaching Scottish Gaelic language, culture and history.

Barry the MacEwan - Ren in the Glen

Barry the MacEwan (from Atlantic Wave) songs of Scotland and Ireland. Featuring Freja from Fólkvangr.

Loreweavers - Ren in the Glen

Loreweavers Tavern music from a world of adventure and wonder.

Mistress Kathleen - Ren in the Glen

Mistress Kathleen Hammered dulcimer music, songs, and storytelling.

Faire Info


Saturday July 31 - Sunday August 1, 2021
(Ren in the Glen is always the last weekend in July.)



1442 Dunn St. Croix Road
Glenwood City WI